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Maysun Info Technology Co.,Ltd. 2018 GSMA Mobile World CongressGRAN VIABooth No.: Hall P7, Stand 7F67Date: Feb 26th-Mar 1st 2018  GSMA Mobile World Congress is the place where mobile leaders to gather, collaborate and conduct business.The annual event provides the planet’s best venue for mobile industry networking, new business opportunities and deal-making. Mobile World Congress includes a world-class conference featuring visionary keynotes and action-provoking panel discussions; an exhibition with more than 1,800 companies displaying the cutting-edge products and technologies that define the future of mobile; App Planet; and the annual Global Mobile Awards ceremony, which recognises the most innovative mobile solutions and initiatives from around the world.In 2014, Mobile ...
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Deutsche Telekom announced the “first 5G antennas in Europe” are now live, as the operator updated on progress it has made towards its plans to launch the technology in 2020.In a statement, Deutsche Telekom said the antennas, located in six cells across the city of Berlin,  supported “the new communications standard” and were now operating in real-world conditions on its network.The antennas are based on the non-standalone 5G New Radio spec (finalised in December 2017). Thanks to the deployment, the company also claimed to have demonstrated “Europe’s first 5G data connection over a live network”.Huawei is supplying all kit (including terminals).Claudia Nemat, Deutsche Telekom board member of technology and innovation, said the development represented “the successfu...
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New on 20th,Nov., Qualcomm announced the launch of the fifth generation of LTE multimode solutions --Gobi 9x45 modem. It can make phone and tablet download speeds up to 450 Mbps)  Qualcomm introduced a new version of Gobi solution, which offers download speeds of 450 MbpsQualcomm mentioned, the new solution download speed is 1.5 times the Huawei glory LTE Cat.6 6, which uses the advanced 20-nanometer technology, that means it low power consumption, less heat, reducing the footprint by 30%The modem supports all major network standards, including GSM, DC-HSPA, CDMA, EVDO, and a series of bands, which makes it can be used worldwide. It also supports mainstream navigation systems, such as Chinese Beidou, Russia's GLONASS, GPS and Galileo, but it also adds some new features to support LTE ...

MTK MT2601 latest wearable solutions exposure

日期: 2014-11-22
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MTK MT2601 latest wearable solutions exposure
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Following MediaTek LinkIt development platform released, its latest wearable solution MT2601 exposures on the network, what changes with MediaTek first generation of wearable solutions Aster ?I do a simple comparison of two chips, see below)
Marc Naddell, vice president of creative laboratory MediaTek has said, Aster (MT2502) for wearable smart devices to create the world's smallest market of SoC, size only 5.4x6.2mm. It is highly integrated core microprocessor, memory, and low-power Bluetooth module, and is supported by GPS and 2G chip module allows customers to differentiate their terminal equipment .Aster can support the Android platform, also compatible with the iOS platform)

MediaTek recently has been exposed wearable solution MT2601, ePoP adopted advanced technology, the replacement frequency of 1.2GHz dual-core A7 processor, support for 4G eMMC and 4Gb LPDDR2 / 3, up to WVGA resolution and 720p @ 30fps video you can choose whether to implement an integrated 3G Modem 3G Internet phone function, the package size into a 12x12mm, twice as big than the Aster)

In the performance improvement , MediaTek MT2601 with MT6630 RF chip, can achieve dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth 4.1 and ANT + FM function, compatible with the mainstream of the navigation and positioning systems, such as GPS, Compass, Glonass, Galileo and other wireless connection is very powerful)

Improving WVGA resolution, helps to support smart glasses types of products, targeting more than visible MT2601 Smart Watch this category of products, MediaTek wants it to support more wearable device. Relative to the first generation of Aster, MT2601 MediaTek seemed more like a wearable device designed for the first SoC, in terms of performance, packaging and application point of view is more in line with current market Wearable.


Recently in an interview on the set of micro-grid Marc, he had said MediaTek wearable next generation SoC products in two directions, one in maintaining the size of the same premise, to improve performance of the chip, another function in ensuring under the premise of a size made smaller, lower power consumption. About MT2601 power yet unknown, but the chip size increases, while the performance is greatly improved, on the other hand confirmed MediaTek enough satisfaction for Aster performance. After all, with respect to Intel's Edison platform, Aster is a little less than a mention

MediaTek officials have yet to officially release this SOC, with the formal operation of MediaTek creative laboratory, the future will have more wearable devices for system-on-chip solutions for publishing, learn MediaTek Turnkey Solution successful experience of one-stop solution , provides developers with a soft (SDK), hard (HDK) one complete reference design to accelerate wearable smart devices and other products to market quickly, reduce the burden on manufacturers / developers. MediaTek creative laboratory Chinese website has also been launched, the majority of Chinese local developers can more easily take advantage of this platform and resources to achieve their development goals

Aster allegedly MediaTek chips begin shipping in June, monthly shipments of about about 100 million to 2 million, 10 million shipments this year could be worth the wait. In this growing market wearable, MT2601 launch, can help MediaTek hand in new areas to achieve new goals, we will wait and see)

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