Release time: 2018 - 05 - 03
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Deutsche Telekom announced the “first 5G antennas in Europe” are now live, as the operator updated on progress it has made towards its plans to launch the technology in 2020.In a statement, Deutsche Telekom said the antennas, located in six cells across the city of Berlin,  supported “the new communications standard” and were now operating in real-world conditions on its network.The antennas are based on the non-standalone 5G New Radio spec (finalised in December 2017). Thanks to the deployment, the company also claimed to have demonstrated “Europe’s first 5G data connection over a live network”.Huawei is supplying all kit (including terminals).Claudia Nemat, Deutsche Telekom board member of technology and innovation, said the development represented “the successfu...
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Release time: 2014 - 11 - 22
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Following MediaTek LinkIt development platform released, its latest wearable solution MT2601 exposures on the network, what changes with MediaTek first generation of wearable solutions Aster ?I do a simple comparison of two chips, see below) Marc Naddell, vice president of creative laboratory MediaTek has said, Aster (MT2502) for wearable smart devices to create the world's smallest market of SoC, size only 5.4x6.2mm. It is highly integrated core microprocessor, memory, and low-power Bluetooth module, and is supported by GPS and 2G chip module allows customers to differentiate their terminal equipment .Aster can support the Android platform, also compatible with the iOS platform)MediaTek recently has been exposed wearable solution MT2601, ePoP adopted advanced technology, the replacem...
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May of this year, Intel entered into a collaboration with Chinese chip maker Rockchip (Rockchip), are in the low-end entry-phones, tablets and other devices designed and produced processors. In October this year, sources said the joint efforts designed with 3G capabilities ARM Cortex-A5 dual-core processor XMM6321, today officially announced the processor, the equipment is expected in the coming months in an entry-level phone, tablet and Phablet on Rockchip representing a vendor from Dubai in October this year has issued over 100,000 processor orders, will be used for 7-inch tablet device. Today XMM6321 processors will be open for the global markets, the processor clock frequency of 1GHz, can be overclocked to 1.2GHz, mainly for a resolution between 854 * 480-1024 * 600 3.5 inches to ...
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According to South Korean media reports, the current flagship phone memory chips mostly use eMMC 5.0 specification, the theoretical maximum transfer speed of up to 400MB / s. Taking into account the limitations of the transmission speed, the Samsung insiders said that next year will be Samsung's next-generation products using UFS 2.0 standard memory chips, its theoretical transfer speeds of up to 1.2GB/s Samsung media quoted insiders words, using UFS memory chip smart phone or will be available next year. May be the first to appear on the Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. The program is not only in the UFS Samsung Galaxy S6, it is learned that the company will gradually flagship phone peace panel to replace the traditional UFS 2.0 SD card and Micro SD card. It is understood, UFS 2.0 using a serial ...
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